It’s here!!! The #ReConnectionRevolution!!

Our little team has been buzzing about all the ideas we have to change the world. The simple goal: reconnection. This little plan has been swirling in my soul for a long time. A road trip across the prairies, with many of your stories on our hearts, was all it took for this purpose to finally take shape. 

There’s one thing I know for sure—it is most difficult to look into the eyes of another human being when you’re hurting. When we are scared, sad, or feeling unworthy, the safest and most armoured thing we do is disconnect. But see, I also know this to be true—we are wired for connection. We need it most when we’re are in those dark chapters—that’s also usually when it’s the most difficult to ask for it.

The whole idea behind the #ReConnectionRevolution to is to start giving it away. As often as we can. Smiles, notes, compliments, buying someone a coffee, sending an overdue message. We’ve got big dreams of reconnected classrooms, work teams, family and friend reconnections. I can’t even.

Oh sweet ones. We are stronger together. And, oh, the places we’ll go. xo, Jody

a few simple ideas that will make a big impact

buy someone a cup of coffee

all it takes is a few gift cards stashed in the side pocket of your purse. when you see someone who could really use a cuppa, make your move. and make their day.

make something

you've heard it before: the gifts that matter the most are the ones that come from the heart. and nothing could be closer to the truth!

tell them they matter

write, draw, say, or show it. just don't wait—do it. if someone touches your heart or makes your life a little brighter or easier, tell them!

join the #ReConnectionRevolution